5 Awesome Gadgets For Realtors

It is true that gadgets can’t replace real estate agents or many other different operations involved in realty industry but they can certainly make the life of people much easier in the industry. Listed below are 5 of the modern day gadgets for realtors that will help them to showcase their offerings in a much more sophisticated and elegant manner, something realtors never dreamt of few years ago. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that these gadgets make reality work much simpler, awesome and exciting. Whether you are a developer building flats in Ghaziabad or NCR, or one of the real estate agents in Chennai selling commercial properties in OMR, these gadgets will surely come handy.

Advertising on the Go

gadgets for realtors

Realtors are known for their ubiquitous window clings, automobile advertising painting, vanity plates and much more, so why would they stop here? Having their own scrolling message would grab a lot of eyeballs and given an adjustable advertisement everywhere they go.

GoPro Hero3 and its different variants:

gadgets for realtors

Undoubtedly, this is one of the coolest gadgets of modern times. The gadget is outfitted with a tiny little camera that offers amazing HD quality. The gadget is known for shooting some amazing stills and very impressive HD clips. It is waterproof and comes with many mounts for some really amazing action shots. How does it fit in with real estate? This gadget can make some of the coolest property videos and virtual tours property buyers would have ever seen.

GoPano Micro:

gadgets for realtors

It is a revolutionary lens that would make sense if you own an iPhone 5 as it is made exclusively for the smartphone. It helps you to take panoramic videos in 360 degrees. All you should do is snap the lens of your phone and just tap for starting the 360 degree video recording instantly. This one is actually a total game changer. The lens is also available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S but it is yet to be announced for iPhone 6. This gadget can once again help in taking some amazing video tours of the properties.

Color printers for Mobile phones:

gadgets for realtors

Often do people in real estate industry get the need of printing something or the other. For example if you have to urgently print a flyer there is no need to rush back to the office as with a color printer for your mobile phone all you need to do is plug this in your mobile phone and print it up. This would not help your problem but also make your clients very impressed.


gadgets for realtors

With your client base going up you would find your phone ringing constantly round the clock. Everyday people talk to their customers, potential clients, the contractors and other realtors and the battery of their phone is very likely to get drained with few hours into the day. There cordless charging systems for mobile phone that are called as Powermat, one of the most popular ones being Duracell Powermat. With the help of this you can charge your mobile anytime you want and anywhere you want.

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